di Salvo Gagliardo

2016. Special Page One

Sorry friend, this site was stopped for many months, I apologize! It’s (2016) new page and Welcome Here, welcome in Albi di FantastiKa, Hollywood Fiction and FantastiKa Review, the next section, the new division of site. Thanks for visit, thanks much. And by “fantastikalbi”, you can connect to salgagliardo.it, the cultural, the creative and the info blog. And still you can connect to facebook.com/fantastikalbi.it by Salvo Gagliardo, where is my strong work, many notes, post and SalG’ covers-icons, many hundreds. Here you can see my facebook friends who are around the world. Themes of this page are numerous, and the belongs to my creative universe, first my daily work on facebook, then music, films and cinema, science and space, drawings, tales and novels by Salvo Gagliardo and Albi di FantastiKa, info around my daily work in “ fantastikalbi.it” and “ salvogagliardo.it”, and even more.

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