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2011. Welcome into “fantastikalbi.it” and “Albi di FantastiKa”. I Salvo Gagliardo fantastic literature writer.1



2011. Welcome into fantastikalbi.it andAlbi di FantastiKa 

Thank You very much   for looking at my website. I’m a writer of fiction and fantasy literature, and this site is about my  creative work. “fantastikalbi.it”, and “Albi di FantastiKa”, are entered into second year and You can look what I produced here at this time. Many works I repeated here from my Facebook Pages, where I wrote many notes about many Themes, and where You can look at Youtube, Video, Photo, and where You can read many fantastic stuff that I wrote, novels, short stories, and my  pictures and illustrations, by the links published in my articles of “fantastikalbi.it” . I hope very soon to change my site, and to publish my narrative work and fantastic, novel or short stories. Thank  you for You comment or  opinion  after visiting my site. You write something and  You leave an address, I’ll give you answers. Enter You in the Website “ fantastikalbi.it”  here. Thank You very much. salvo.  



Salvo Gagliardo  


Welcome into <<fantastikalbi.it>> and << Albi di FantastiKa>> 

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Albi di FantastiKa 


Albi di FantastiKa  is a virtual magazine,  whereby I  Salvo Gagliardo, fantastic literature writer and  fiction,  collect and  show  my works, fantastic novels and short stories, and their many  illustrations, or drawings, black and white  or color.  I was born and live in Sicily, and my original novels were written in italian.  But my stories are set in the world. 

I begin here showing  The Snack Isle, a modern fairy tale, a novel with many illustrations. This work was written by me many years ago, in the  Eighties. Here You read the introduction to work and your summary or synopsis and your Index. Thank You. 




I begin here showing  The Island of Snake , a modern fairy tale, a novel with many illustrations. This work was written by me many years ago, in the  Eighties. Here You read the introduction to work and your summary or synopsis and your Index. Thank You.  



The Island of Snake


a fantastic modern fairy tale 


Salvo Gagliardo




 Introduction to work


A fantastic  fairy story set in city, San Francisco,  and at  mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean. An ancient legendary King  awaits buried in his majestic grave and in the depths of a volcano, to be brought back to life with  magic by a young man and a curious little magician .  

He there are so many characters, including the  unique and cute little magician, called Quick, and  an adventurous young man named David Wakingot who sets out for the mysterious island attracted by a strange mental influence. There are also funny animals like birds, monkeys , llamas, turtles, sharks, whales and bats. The fairy tale has a happy ending with the marriage of David with his cousin Galaxy and the destruction of the legendary King rejected by strange creatures from outer  Space.   



Synopsis Part one


Abel Holywriter ‘s  the first-character and the   narrator of  an incredible story, and many fantastic. He  assembles the fragments, awe and wonder, of a story safely out of the ordinary, that involved the life of a American young,  born  in  Montana, David Wakingot, a boy who lived, childhood and adolescence,  with  Noah Wakingot, the old father hunter and explorer, lover of wilderness, which gave  to David  charm and magic of the forests of North

The story could be called an urban fantasy, but inside there is a science-fiction, mystery, fairy tales for kinds and , the esoteric novel also.

But one day the old Noha Wakingot dies,  and the young man is deeply upset. And to overcome the crisis David, he  decides to fall in the warmer climates of California,  where Toby Wiwestar, a mother’s brother, uncle  Toby, has a beautiful house overlooking the Pacific Ocean, on a fantastic hill called Millkill, or  White Hill, or Milk Hill too, near  San Francisco city. And It’s in San Francisco  that the young man enrolled in university medicine courses,  were he knows  Abel Holywriter, the narrator,   who has  a small studio  for psycho analyst, in the  Oriental Quarters of the city. To  Milk-hill he meets a  beautiful girl, the  young cousin who lives in the belle house  villa of Toby Wiwestar.

David arrived in San Francisco city, he enters the University, and  the first year of Medicine, recommended by Abel Holywriter,  the  sacred scribe of history, and the doctor of metal disorders of young man. In effect and very    soon,  David  accused depression, delusion, nightmares, annoying headaches. He  rented a small apartment across the Golden Gate, which is immersed in fantasy, possessed by strange visions with open eyes, by  flights of imagination, and often  accompanied by the sounds of a strange guitar and  strange  melodies,  oft in the company of Galaxy, and a beautiful Persian  cat that lies curled in a chair supremely blue velvet.

And here we come to  <<The night’s port >>. It ‘s a day of rain and thunderstorms in San Francisco. The fog envelops the city, it’s  rising from Ocean, lightning pierce the sky. I’s evening, and Wakingot waited in vain the  with the cousin,  Galaxy, she did not come, And he, as if in a dream, leads  to the port his jeep. There she meets a strange man in the fog and the pelting rain. It ‘s the Indian Tutark, the lame, a strange figure very picturesque, which  warns Wakingot  about a future disaster and about  of some suggestions and fantasies of the mind, these  could damage him tragically! This is a drunk or a poor homeless outcast? Maybe  is  this a tramp or a strange prophet? Maybe  Wizard? Questions that  he can not solve. An heavenly  curse weighs on an ancient and powerful king of the Earth, Wakingot must take this away. The sing-song voice of the strange creature stuns  and  enchants, the ears of the poor Wakingot, and it tells  the story of a king and of  a curse, an ancient  king sleeps under a huge volcano in an island of  the Pacific Ocean. His name is Nunar Nash. The king will try with his magic arts to attract in the  mysterious island,  where he sleeps a long sleep, the young man by  extraordinary mental strength of Wakingot,   and  to return to live . David is upset by this strange story and he  passes out. Is found in the morning and taken to a hospital in the city……..

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Part One



Chapter 1

David Wakingot


My name is Abel Holywriter,  and plays the honest profession, as  psychoanalyst,  in San Francisco, California. I knew the young Wakingot before his serious illness, before this ugly depression. I was driving it during his brilliant course of study at our University Medical Center Psychiatry. I can clearly remember his powerful figure, his body strong, your  vivid intelligence.


He was born in the north, between the Rocky Mountains in Helena, Montana. Here lies the root of its superannuated old family. Son of a wealthy manufacturer wiskie, he  had lived in the valleys, lakes and forests of the frozen north. Together with the old Noha Wakingot had fished, climbed glaciers, paddled canoes on slim. Together they slipped on the steep of snow under a blue sky and turquoise ski with burnished wood ash on which an old Indian had cut and colored her magic runes. The full moon had bivouacked between volcanic misty valleys. Their ears pricked up to cry wolf, their dark shadows wavering beneath the wings of an eagle crested night among rocks. Together they faced the terrible Grizzly with the sun shining coppery between the horns of a deer in the silent forests of Yellowstone. They had jackets made of reindeer and beaver hats, drank the cold water of snow, explored the dark cathedral of trees. In exhausting night marches had seen the sparkle of   the agile skull of a cougar, between the vortices of a blinding sandstorm saw the lithe snake slithering while a raven croaked from the bright beak on a tree by the light yellow of the moon, and the owl screeched from dead branches of a tree.

But one day Noha Wakingot died. He gave the  soul to God the night of a cold winter, while the storm raged, and a cold wind like the blade of a sword tormented city, swirling snow, howling masses that dragged with it the’ soul of the weary old Noha.

© salvogagliardoproduzione.1999-2010.All rights reserved.

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This is a fantastic story written on a  Alien visit. I really enjoyed  the build   a story about SETI and on the waiting on a future contact with creatures from other planets. You will find here a lot of amused irony, but we know that The Gulliver’s Travels it was considered  the ancestor of the science fiction. Thanks.



War of Insects

a fantastic  tale


Salvo Gagliardo


We are in 1970 and we are in the United States finally reached the area by the fantastic and long awaited message, an alien civilization from  Star Focus, a ternary system that is seven light years from Earth is about to visit our planet. The message seems clear. The first is to receive the Radio Astronomical Observatory on  Devils Tower, Wyoming, and appear first in the eyes of the astonished young astronomer David Mc Clarel. But the news cannot  help but reverberate in the press that put in the ridiculous, but especially on the scientific staff of the Nation and of course the Pentagon and national defense. It takes just a conference held in camera, to take stock of the situation. There are the top brass’ s army rained down from Washington, and the more prominent of NASA and the scientific and academic communities. In general do not like that business, so you decide to put in place a plan to defend the planet and provided for such an exceptional case. In fact no one knows who contacted us and no one knows their intentions. The conference parade of scientists and engineers such as De Luna and Mc Clarel and five-star general as Hillary.

But things will evolve differently! In fact one day from an old chipped bathroom sink of an old farm in the south, in Virginia, belonging to the family of Sam Jordan, scrambles for a worn hose a strange spider mite, like all spiders, except that a almost metallic surface and a round little head that rotates 360 degrees, and 10 legs too long of intense light metal. Turns out, soon proves to be a bug with extraordinary powers, opening a hole in a wall with an extraordinary range of intense blue, and out of the dilapidated and neglected farm. But the oddities do not end, because later in the story and always from the usual rusty pipe will dawn on a fly just as strange and extraordinary, which is also a deep black, metal, and a round little head that rotates 360 degrees and also with ten legs and wings of an intense bright color.

Meanwhile, the spider mite continues its march through America ‘s body with his strange and sometimes emits light rays that prove once catastrophically destructive. The defense of the country has meanwhile started the great and powerful project to save the planet, and jeeps, planes, and thousands of armed men across the United States. But the first to be confronted with something inexplicable is Lieutenant Joseph Morello, whose jeep will literally pulverized by a mysterious blue beam, while men and vehicles are literally annihilated under the incredulous eyes of the generals. But it’s war, just that no one has seen the people ‘has unleashed! Meanwhile, the spider continues to move ahead destructive metal twirling its head and sending rays in all directions. There are no new closed-door conference at the Pentagon. There are a Hillary general, colonels and top brass of Defense, there are engineers at NASA, Al Simon and Louis Vallée, there are astronomers and Mc Clarel Primrose. The screen displays the rubble produced by the mysterious and invisible enemy from Outer Space.


©salvogagliardoproduzione. albifantastika. 2000-2009. All rights reserved.



Now I offer you read the “beginning”  of a long story my whole set in my hometown, Palermo, a city in great measure the character of my story. Rarely, I choose the places where I was born and lived, preferring to other locations, but my story is about a writer of fantastic literature who lives in Palermo, Shall G.  who is interested in strange things  and in amazing true adventures into  unknown. Personally, for years now I am interested in everything about the fantastic, not excluding science fiction and with this work that I wrote several years ago I wanted to take stock of my career as a writer, putting its themes of this literature and referring to readings and texts, not excluding those which I have written, the backbone of this kind. A joke narrative, which I dedicated to HP. Lovecraft, a writer beloved by my character Shall Gallardo, which is a pseudonym and widely read by me and that ultimately will appear in this story. Thanks.



The seven gates of the dream

philosophical tale fantasy

Salvo Gagliardo

Shall Gallardo, he  has mysteriously disappeared from Palermo, his native city. Disappeared. Deleted !He was erased and disappeared into thin air ! None of us knows where the small group is finished. And I think no one else, either in town or anywhere else on Earth. In this story, my name is George, but I will not reveal my real name, nor Shall G. tell his true identity. The fantastic researcher and writer of  unknown and unusual, Gallardo is quite known as the writer of The God of Ice, A History of Transylvanian and Supernova 1973. In this brief note I will try to tell any single episode of the life of strange and extraordinary man whose mind was so painfully affected, and that left us works dominated  by a  lit imagination and  an intense need to overcome the limitations ‘s human. Sicilian Baroque, Mazes, and Mystery Martian, The Alchemist, they are going to show, and its two complexes are known essays fantastic: The Time Machine and The Seven Gates of the Dream, left unfinished and published posthumously.

Shall missing for ten years, and I no longer live in Palermo, Having moved to Milan, the city of my parents, where I have my job, my family and spacious house. But fate and the coincidences that have wished they had spent many years in that wonderful south city , and I  lived side by side of my writer friend, with whom I shared strangely birth date, month and  years, and even some physical similarity. The newspapers that were occupied at the time of his disappearance, have spread as a joke, for fun, or even truth, some strange case of the small group that we had discussed in our long evenings together, terraces, gardens and in attics of our homes, under the stars and the moonlight, or in front of a crackling fireplace, including glasses and leftover meal, with ashtrays overflowing with cigarette butts and a long play Mozart on the plate of high-fidelity record player. I often read his best novels and I feel a great nostalgia in it, and I repent of our biting irony, but then we all tried to bring Shall G., as is now affectionately called him, in healthier coordinated and realistic.

His unique research in the libraries of Palermo had made a note and unmistakable figure: tall, lanky, thin, with brown hair falling in clumps on the curved front, and the thin mustache that had grown in recent times when he started to wear metal-rimmed glasses, clothes neglected and an  air perpetually distracted and inattentive. He was born in a house near the Politeama, near a Waldensian church, with the blue sea and the port which could be seen from the large balconies, and there remained for the rest of his life. It was a beautiful spacious house and rich, and for us the small group almost mythical, and I lived not far away in the old quarter of Scinà course, in ancient village of Saint Lucia. But for all of us was a mythical other his home, the mother, an old country house in Mons  Borghetto, a small town 500 meters in height, located a few kilometers from the city. Shall ‘s going to live when he wanted to isolate themselves from the stress of the city or had to write the last few pages of his strange work. << Creative Retreat >> called them. He was a three-storey building of the country, which is also crammed with books, with a large aviary full of birds, three turtles, a big Persian cat, named Chang, and a wine cellar with selected wines, Sicilian wines,  Shall G. only drank doc, had a passion for the Marsala ice, but sometimes even preferred the cherry red and very intense, and by the way here remember his fondness for good cigars that are often bought at the tobacconist <<Trinacria>>in  Dante road. I also remember that in his cellar in the country, had equipped a real movie theater where he enjoyed his rich library of fantastic and science fiction works, and wrapped inviting locals to see the movies , few of which had written the script, as the story of Martian androids Rosen & C. a director of Palermo, I do not remember the name. But always remember the fantastic and magical winters in the snow on Mons  Borghetto, like that of a distant and strange Christmas.

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Thank You.If what you read here has you interested, let me know this, and you write me a comment below, or you can send an email or leave your email address. Welcome. Salvo.


All rights of reproduction of this article  belong to Salvo Gagliardo©salvogagliardo Produzione.2011. All rights reserved

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