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Dear friend and user   of  my website, I(Sal Gagliardo) created a new blogsite Word Press. Com, named SalGsite2000. I hope You visit its page and articles. It’s not yet complete, but it’s in construction. It’s a cultural blog and info blog. I wanted to join it to “ fantastikalbi.it and Albi di FantastiKa” because they are both my production. I apologize for its simplicity, but it has just been born. Later I hope to enrich it with new pages and articles, and hope you can intervene in this, with forum, discussions, communications platforms and other, now you can leave comments only. Thank You and good navigation! Sal G.

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Ludwig van Beethoven


Great Year 2013. Ludwig van Beethoven genius
Born in Bonn, origin’s Dutch and Belgian, December 16, 1712. He died in Vienna, March 26,1827, german composer and pianist.
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Beethoven Biography Short. JabbaDoyle video.


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Albi FantastiKa and  FantastiKa Review thank You for choosing this website. This is new Special Page  of november month. We are near the great festivities and the page wants to offer  a variety to You with many  arguments and articles in the spirit of  fantastikalbi.it”. Since the website walks with Facebook, you will find the link  to  look my intense activity and my works on the famous social network. But I  offer also many internal connections with other my site’s pages, and other connections too. I offer also the statistical pages about the visits of my site,  and in  the October month, it has marked the tops in absolute. I offer you also  the PDF that you can unload and so satisfy  and enrich your curiosity.   From  the site’s menu, you can see that the arguments are many and wrapped up. I  apologize if some pages are still in construction. I love much if you put your  comment, or if you send me your mail post and your approval. All this serve to  me in the future to create many communities and a forum discussion platform.
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 The  Snake’s Isle

modern fairy  tale


Sal Gagliardo

Part One

Chapter 1

David Wakingot


My name is Abel Holywriter,  and I plays the honest profession, as  psychoanalyst,  in San Francisco, California. I knew the youngWakingot before his serious illness, before this ugly depression. I was drivingit during his brilliant course of study at our University Medical Center Psychiatry. I can clearly remember his powerful figure, his body strong, your  vivid intelligence.

He was born in the north, between the Rocky Mountains, in Helena, Montana. Here lies the root of its superannuated old family. Son of a wealthy manufacturer wiskie, he  had lived in the valleys, lakes and forests of the frozen north. Together with the old Noha Wakingot had fished, climbed glaciers, paddled canoes on slim. Together they slipped on the steep of snow under a blue sky and turquoise ski with burnished wood ash on which an old Indian had cut and colored her magic runes. The full moon had bivouacked
between volcanic misty valleys. Their ears pricked up to cry wolf, their dark shadows wavering beneath the wings of an eagle crested night among rocks. Together they faced the terrible Grizzly with the sun shining coppery between the horns of a deer in the silent forests of Yellowstone. They had jackets made of reindeer and beaver hats, drank the cold water of snow, explored the dark cathedral of trees. In exhausting night marches had seen the sparkle of   the agile skull of a cougar, between the vortices of a blinding sandstorm saw the lithe snake slithering while a raven croaked from the bright beak on a tree by the light yellow of the moon, and the owl screeched from dead branches of a tree. But one day Noha Wakingot died. He gave the  soul to God the night of a cold winter, while the storm raged, and a cold wind like the blade of a sword tormented city, swirling snow, howling masses that dragged with it the’ soul of the weary old Noha.

Snake’s  Isle

 Part One

Chapter 2

Uncle Toby and Galaxy

So He  went  in warmer climates of California. His mother, Veronica. Had died, and his sisters, Diana and Atlanta were the mothers of five beautiful buxom babes. The death of the old Noha made melancholy and gloomy  the  naturally bright mind of David. Neither the generous hospitality of Uncle Toby was enough to give him the ancient and serene beauty. Tobias, brother of Veronica, lived in the big white house overlooking the Pacific Ocean bellowing. This was called Milkhill,  or The  White Hill,  that juts down, a
cliff of a shining white, north of San Francisco. It was here that Wakingot he  fell madly in love whit  cousin  Galaxy.

So he went  in  the spacious halls of our University a few months after his arrival in Milkhill. The boy  enjoyed a splendid health. The old Tobias Wiwestar was a rich man and a lone wolf of the sea. A white beard framed a delicate and sensitive little face. Among its many boats, there was a beautiful blue and white, the Cloud. It was not uncommon to see on the red deck of the boat sliding  over the waters frothy,  four strange figures, an old thin, an impressive young and strong and a nice brunette with a peaceful and sleepy
hound French, Seneca.

One day a  badly storm had battered down the old Tobia Wiwestar,  and dragged the Cloud. His body disappeared in the swirling foam. David dived, chased him and brought him back to the surface from the depths of ocean. A little adventure that proved his extraordinary courage and physical strength. A thick fog made the invisible sea. Were switched off the engines, the propeller stopped turning, the boat stopped swaying on the waves. The water rushing waterfalls on the red bridge where he had been lonely Galaxy. Seneca had huddled trembling in the bottom of the hold. The girl  spent a bad time. Then, came a head dripping water
from the sides, a face contracted by fatigue, a massive body still dripping seawater, it  was David Wakingot. The ocean had suddenly calmed. The body of Tobias inert like a bag, was placed on deck and revived. Wakingot said nothing, did not open his mouth. But one day, while the four were standing by the railing to contemplate a night full of stars and the red moon,
was reflected on the calm water, Wakingot remembered and told the impressive lights on the seabed in that ‘adventure among the clouds!

© By Sal Gagliardo all produced.1999-2013. All rights reserved.

 The original story was written in italian.



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Christmas Stories by Sal G. Betty & Barney Hill 1961. A strange story. 2 Close Encounters of the fourth kind

Whitley Strieber Author and Philippe Mora Conductor UFO and Abduction over   New York city  on  the Christmas Day






The Earth and the Aliens 1

The Earth and the Aliens2

Dear User  I close here  the special page one 2013, which I hope for you a happy year. Therefore, I  wish you a happy new year, rich, with many  interesting things and great ideas,  meanwhile  the planet earth and all us, we travel into the future. Thank You. Sal G.

The website and this page have been all produced by Sal Gagliardo.© All rights reserved. 2013


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