2013.March-April-May page number two.


 March-April-May 2013. Page two


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I am sorry for the long delay about   the updating page. This is march month, and this  is new my  home page  of Albi di FantastiKa and Fantastikalbi.it. In the January month 2013 I have installed my new site on line, SalGsite2000.it. and I connected this to that. The last site  is a blog of information and culture, with many articles and pages around many themes, fantastic literature, movies, policy, symbols  and others, but Fantastikalbi.it is always   the  mother site. This march page contains the new updates from my Facebook notes and page. For many years I have created my show page on  Facebook.com and I put here post, and notes with photos, links and notes. So  I have many friends in all parts of the world; I hope in the future  with  my sites to create a true community and a communication platforms  and others and new offers. Thank You for the attention an read more.

 My new website was put on the world network   in January 2013. This is an info and cultural blog. Its pages and articles have many different themes, fantastic, literature, movies, science, policy, my writer work, symbols ad myths, and others. I hope you like it. For contacts you have now  the window of the comments.


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Choice  of some articled and pages
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Abyss Sea Movies in Hollywood
The Mystery of Solaris

The USA Presidents
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Gioachino Rossini

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The Barber of Seviglie


Youtube video Uploaded July 25,2008 by The30YearOldVirgin
Gioachino Antonio Rossini (1792 – 1868)
“The Barber of Seville”, or “The Useless Precaution” (“Il barbiere di Siviglia, ossia L’inutile precauzione”) is an opera buffa in two acts by Gioachino Rossini with a libretto (based on Beaumarchais’s comedy Le Barbier de S√©ville) by Cesare Sterbini.
The overture, first written for “Aureliano in Palmira”, is a famous example of Rossini’s characteristic Italian style.
The première (under the title Almaviva, or the Useless Precaution) took place on February 20, 1816, at the Teatro Argentina, Rome.

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The mystey of Solaris,Cocoon Movie,The War of the Worlds

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Dream or what?
A fantastic short story
Sal Gagliardo

I was in a small village, there were few houses, but there was nobody around. It was evening it might be night, the stars in the sky shone with a strange light, and there was a small moon, full and bright, sometimes dark cloud is covering some but not very extensive. I was over there without knowing how. I was approached by a road paved with a kind of clearing all ‘inside of some houses, homes were smaller than some plane as there are in the suburbs of my city. And the village was surrounded by countryside and the street you could see the lights of Palermo at the bottom. There was almost no one around, interrupted occasionally by the rustle of some cicada summer or some cricket and from ‘distant barking of a dog. The space was large with round pieces of sidewalks, l ‘air was that hot in July, and every time the wind rose. I was attracted by the lights I had seen from afar, from the road, were the lights of houses with balconies and windows with their shutters down, but they were the lights of lamps external, those that hung from electric wires at the top, old lamps dark metal with hood-shaped disc. Were those that attracted me more because I felt that would send a strange brightness, wrapped inviting. But sometimes also uncertain because I had the ‘impression that the light is reduced and strengthens its position in an irregular way as I approached. There was no one around, but this was not a complete feeling because I felt that someone watching them hidden somewhere. But strangely this did not alarm but urged me to proceed. In short, I felt those feelings that you try to look in dark alleys or poorly lit cities, a strange desire for adventure. The small moon and the stars were always on top, and throbbed as I had ever seen. It was as if they too attracted me. Meanwhile, the big, old lamps swung in the cables being moved by the wind. I was very close to the square bounded by the walls of small buildings. The feeling that someone was watching me was growing more intense. Someone who perhaps was hiding in the shadows of that sort of backyard suburbs. Because there were shadows that I could see and the lights of the big lamps could not make it clear. There was a strange silence, almost scary, the traffic of cars ran farther on the road. People remained locked in their homes to look at maybe the TV that you felt every time the chatter. In any case, I felt alone, dramatically, alone under the stars, the moon and the lights that were moving up, but he was not feeling exactly, because I knew there was something or someone there. Indeed watching the shadows I saw them, I saw something moving like beings. Then I saw them clearly, they were children, or so I thought and I was surprised that at that ‘children are now playing in the yard. Now I could see clearly, had children, moved and looked like they were playing with one with their strange toys and that I had yet seen, young children, some had their hair blonde, but it was not only them, because there were other creatures that I had at first mistaken for children were small too, but more than children seemed very big-headed dwarfs almost shapeless. He seemed to have a role of leadership in those games and who led what was sure they were human children, two or three of those times their big heads at me as if I had seen but there was no alarm in their rather stared at me with indifference and that’s when I noticed their strange eyes, eyes that I had never seen, very large eyes and prominent blacks and totally dark or so I thought I remembered the eyes of insects. They had thin necks and bodies that moved in jerks, I watched as they could make the animals, reptiles, perhaps, with the same detachment. These seemed to me that perhaps wearing overalls of a color laminate, while the children wore traditional costume, but with something strange, as if they were clothes of other times. Among children there were also girls, some of them had blond hair and moved as if they were playing careless of me that I was a few feet from them and it seemed that they were much to the commands sent from the other creatures that rather than play with them it seemed that their supervisors. But the children did not seem impressed by their strange bedfellows, indeed. Then from the shadows materialized other creatures, were similar to those with large eyes but taller. They too were moving strangely and jerky. The children continued to play with strange toys, strange objects were mostly light, spheres, rods and more. I was again noted by some of those creatures but did not move toward me, and they sat looking at me with those strange eyes. Lights up while continues to send a strange white light that adds the yellow coloring to a blue, a kind of bluish haze that seemed to wrap around the courtyard. Then I thought that the lights went out or shrink, I could not see them. It was as if the shadows were expanded. I felt a strong hot wind or a huge heat and saw the buildings and on buildings was getting something very bright, at first seemed a gigantic ball, but then took the form of something, perhaps a disk surrounded by the strong lights rose very fast and disappeared into the sky.


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Abraham Lincoln Story

Lincoln by Steven Spielberg





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Paroject Blue Book and Condon Report


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